To understand how this reading will help you, a brief introduction of the akashic records:

The akashic records is a dimension of consciousness that contains a record of every soul and its journey. It is completely available at all times to those who are attuned to this level of consciousness. It contains everything that every soul has ever thought, said and done over the course of its existence as well as its future possibilities. A human incarnation occurs as a specific manifestation of the perfect blueprint of the soul. In the records we are able to see and register our various incarnations.

It is easy to understand why the akasha is called “the records”. The akasha is organised in a way that allows us humans to interact with this spiritual resource and gain insight, guidance, and understanding within earthly time and space. They are always organised by current legal name.

The akashic records are always changing and expanding. As our souls, evolve over time, our records adjust to reflect our growth and are in continual state of refinement as we align with our perfection and manifest that perfection in our earthly lives. Therefore, we can look at the records as an intermediary body of all past, present, and future possibility, probability and eventuality. Through them we can derive understanding and direction but never future predictions as future is never fixed or the records would have never changed from time to time.

What kinds of questions work best with akashic records?

1. Avoid questions starting with When.

2. Avoid questions with Yes or No responses.

3. Stick with questions with What, Why or How.

The first reading will be compulsorily these three questions:

What is my life’s purpose?

What do I need to know about my health at present?

What will help me achieve financial growth and abundance at present?

Since this is the basic information every individual should have at any given point of time, I am instructed to make it compulsory.

You can request information of your choice in the second and or subsequent readings. Every subsequent reading cannot exceed three questions.

Each reading will be charged Rs. 1000/-

It is compulsory to send me the image of the online transfer receipt of the fees to [email protected] or whatsapp it on 9921089586  for the reading without which I will not proceed with the reading as tracking of payments lead to delays on my part.