“Sometimes I feel really disinterested in material things.”

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Question: Last time Erik told me that my guides and Baba are happy with my progress.
Could you help me connect with my Guides and Baba for specific guidance on my Spiritual progress? Can I communicate with them in some manner?
I do understand that we have free will here on earth, however; is there any specific work that I had intended to do here? Sometimes I feel really disinterested in material things. But still feel that I need to do something.
Please help.
Love and regards,
ERIK’S MESSAGE: You can connect with your guides through meditaton and silence but don’t go overboard. Just connect with them in the mornings and try to make the best choices for your soul. Also, you can send questions here and I can address them to your guides.
Don’t worry about your path. You will be walking it soon along with your wife. Just have patience and try and lead a simple virtuous life. That’s all that Master wants from you now.