Son not talking to me???

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Pankaj’s email to me :

“My son is not talking to me since last week. I  don’t even know the reason why he’s behaving this way .just after his  wedding he stopped talking to me .my daughter in law is talking to me but he is not. So i really want to know why my son not talking to me. We didn’t have any argument or fight. He is just randomly behaving like this. I don’t know what to do. Please tell me what’s the reason and what should I do. Please help me.”

Erik’s reply :

“Pankaj,he is not talking to you because he is being influenced and has turned against you because of this influence,yes it is someone you think it is,your guess is right, try and talk to him when this person is not around, see that you don’t give him any chance to complain,be loving and good no matter what he behaves,finally when the chance is right,try and talk to him and understand what is he’s reason of staying away from you,it wil help things clear in his mind, just give it sometime and behave normally,he will come around and when you think,he is receptive,talk to him and see what he has to say,remember you have to be loving no matter what he says.”