Son wants to marry a girl from another community….please help!!!

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Narendra’s email to me :

“I want to enquire about my son,about his mariage.He has loved a girl of a different community and we are not interested in the said marriage. We request you to look in to the matter and advise.Kindly let me know whether this marriage will take place, if so how is the life of the boy and girl, whether they live with us or they go out of the house, We are not interested in this marriage. However, my son is not leaving the matter. Whether this can be stopped. If so whether. will he marry our own community girl. There is restlessness at home. Kindly advise has how to go about.”

Erik’s reply :

“sir, please let this marriage take place its in best interest of all concerned and will bring no harm to either of the couple. community is a thing created there on your earth, when you come back here, we are all souls and there is no difference, please understand this and you will be happy with our decision when you come here, and know that we all are one and connected and there is no difference. I request you to be happy with the union and bless it, it will help you be at peace with yourself and with your son and be a good factor for your relationship with your son. Erik.”