Suicide or Accident???

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Ramesh’s email to me : “Dear Erik,I need to help Mahesh’s family.its fourth day after Mahesh’s death. No one really knows the reason whether it was an accident (IF YES THEN HOW) or suicide (IF YES THEN WHY) also if you could get Mahesh’s soul to get some messages for his family i could convey the message to his family in my own way and will try my best that they believe in me. Also please ask Mahesh if he is fine in the spirit world and should give some identity so that his family believes in me that its MAHESH’s message!

Erik’s reply : “Dear Ramesh, Mahesh’s case was an accident. He tripped off, not many know but it was sure an accident. It was not meant to be. Mahesh was himself shocked and is under healing. He cannot be contacted now but in future, he will be able to come through say after 3 to 4 months. He wil be fine. Dont worry, his family knows he can never think of suicide and they are right, it was just an accident. Erik.”