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Narayan’s email to me : “Thank you so much baba for helping me. I will never forget what all you have done for me. I have become a big fan of yours. Thank a lot. I am falling short of words to thank you BABA. Please be with mw like this at every step of my life. I will always love you and want you to be with me. Also I want to come to samadhi at Pune but dont know whats stopping me? Pleasec call me there . I want to meet you along with my family. Please make some arrangement for me to visit at samadhi.
I got the love of my life just because of you. I love her very very much but now a days we are not being happy together. There is some or the other issue every day. Please help me to get stable in my relationship. She says that she loves me and she can do everything for me, but I have asked only one thing from her and she is not able to do that for me. I am very confused about her and I am not able to understand her. Please help both of us and make us together with lots of love for each other.”


Erik’s reply : “Narayan ,baba says he has brought this girl back in your life and he will help you with this relationship,baba wants you to be unconditional in your love for her and not demand anything from her in return. keep her in your heart but don’t let her get carried away with your love for her,tell her you love her but you need self respect from her too, rest see that you do everything for her not expecting anything in return, she will be a changed person and your relationship will be good after that, your love for her should be unconditional and then it will be better between you two. you will visit the samadhi soon baba has arranged something for you. till then keep praying to the master .”