The quest for peace of mind.

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Hello Erik,

I have a few queries.

1) Previously, I had asked about my brother. We are worried about his future and married life.
2) I am always there to solve their problems. But then, I also get disturbed. Till when will this continue?  If I think about myself then I feel that I am selfish. But this is happening since childhood. By when will I be free from this bondage?
3) Please guide me to find peace of mind. Is there any future for me? My enthusiasm towards life is diminishing. I see no hope to live further.

ERIK’S MESSAGE:  Swati, all that happens is Divine will and destiny, worrying will never help you. Just pray for your brother and hope for the best. There is nothing more you can do about it anyway.

You are not selfish when you think about yourself. You are selfish when you think only about yourself. Since that is not the case with you, it’s important that you think about your own life and settle down. You have done a lot for your family. Now it’s time you look after yourself.

Plan out a life for yourself, the way you want it and then, go about achieving it. Don’t think about anyone else. Everyone is responsible for their own life. So, do that for yourself now.

Your problems will end only when you allow them to end. It depends on you and not others to end your problems. Actually it’s how you take it. Be strong, be detached, don’t let anything affect your peace of mind. Turn towards spirituality, do meditations and maintain silence in mind which will help you to know yourself better. Sit with nature. It will heal you too.

You have a future. Only you should be open to it and positive about it.
Pray to Meher Baba. He will listen to you and get your life back on track.
All the best.