Torn between my happiness and hurting others !!!!!

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HI Erik,

Can you help me ask my spirit guides?
I am at a crossroad in my life.
I am torn between wanting something for my own happiness and hurting people around me.
I found who I think my soulmate was in 1987. We have been together until 1992 when he moved here where I am.
I married somebody else and eventually had a baby but in my heart, I cannot forget my soulmate.
Now that I am also here at the same place a few years back, and now that I have the courage to leave – I am at a crossroad of staying in my marriage or going back to my soulmate.

Can you ask my spirit guides to help me how to decide.
I feel that I am ruining my son’s future because of the divorce.
or breaking my husband’s heart when he learns I still love the other person.
I am also fearful of what my husband can do to me.
But if i stay in the marriage, I feel like I am not progressing.
Is staying in the marriage where I am supposed to be? Or should I go back?
Or God has other plans for me?


Erik’s reply : “Your relationship with your soul mate would have not lasted more then a year or so….this time has passed and it won’t last long if you decide to go back to him.Work on your marriage, your kid deserves that. your soul mate will understand, and its important, you understand that you can do it, i know its difficult, but you have to put efforts,when you feel you are not progressing, its only your mind and its anxiety, try and see the good in your marriage and work on it for your kid, you will come out of it. also remember, you are always connected with your soulmate , wherever you are, so you don’t need to be in touch, have love for him, but do our best here, and fulfill your purpose of life for which you have come here for, dont devaite from it, all the best.”