Tried everything but brother not studying…….Help!!!!

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Ranju’s email to me :

“Dear Erik,
I would be really grateful if u guide me for my brother.He is very weak in studies.My mother has tried all the ways to teach him nad make him learn but neither of them seem to be working out.He is appearing for 9th std final exams.pls suggest some way out..Will medication help him?should we go in for a psychotherapy?should we approach a counsellor?Please do reply asap..eagerly waiting…thank u”

Eriks reply :

“Ranju relax, your brother is normal, he does not need counselling, he is just not interested in studying, not his cup of tea, I know you all want him to rise academically but that s not where his interest lie, he won’t do it by force or compulsion, he will only reject your efforts more , he should be left alone , just explain him the consequences and let him decide his course of action, even if he repeats a year, don’t worry, it will be counter productive, all said and done, it will be only when he feels its important for him to study that he will do it. nothing else will help, also he is destined to do something different altogether and academics doesnt figure in his future. you have to make sure, he puts his efforts in the right direction, once his  interest is clear to you. all the best. Erik.”