What am I supposed to be doing with my life???

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Jessica’s email to me : “Hello I realize you must be really busy so I don’t mind if you miss me out as my needs are not as bad as others. i’m from UK. I just want some guidance on what i’m suposed to be doing with my life. Feeling a little lost and without a cause. Also want some guidance on what I’m suposed to do about my father do I try and contact him or should I just leave it, is he still alive? thank you so so much for taking the time to read this. much love and thanks.”


Erik’s reply : “Jessica,you will know your true  calling very soon,just be aware,your guides are trying to guide you to this,very soon you will have something for which you will feel deeply and you will do well to follow this in your life,it can be something related to your career but will be your calling.I suggest don’t disturb your father if you dont have any specific query. rest assured he is fine here and is looking after you.Erik.”