What is the reality of religion???

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Sandy’s email to me : “I can no longer belleve what I have been taught regarding religion….can you tell me what is real now that you are on the other side”

Erik’s reply : “Sandy, You are correct, we can no longer just trust and believe what the church says, we need to feel religion inside to follow it with our heart and be true to ourselves. when I came here, I was given some viewpoints which I would like to share with you. there is only one religion and one reality, there is no hell. We are not punished for our sins, rather we are given a chance to correct ourselves and learn the lessons therin. We have to be helping, loving. church says, We have tp pay for our sins,that is bullshit, we do reap good returns for goos deeds. Our accounts with others have to be settled. We have to help ourselves first and yeah, having guilt is of no use, it does not help. We have to forgive ourselves and others too. This lets us to be free and move ahead on our path. These are just few snippets, you can search the blog for more. (Mom’s blog channelingerik.com). All the best Sandy, hope to hear from you again. Erik.”