What is the source of my unease???

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Reena’s email to me : “I have some questions that I hope you can help me with.¬†I m restless and I’m unable to identify the source of this unease. Is it because of a boy, is it my job, is it my schedule, is it something else altogether. What am I doing wrong? What should i be doing? Who am I looking for? How do I let it all go? Basically, I think I just want to know the purpose of this life, where is it all headed? I need some sort of direction.The last time I had asked about this boy who i was in a relationship with. Although we are not in a relationship anymore, he still calls and texts and it feels like he’s not ready to let go. That just makes it all the more harder for me. Is there anything left to hold on to? if not, how do i get closure? “
Erik’s reply : “you are restless because there is something you want to do but you are not doing it due to certain limitations you have placed on yourself,you are about to come to cross roads and this your soul knows and you are feeling restless, you will have to make choices and decisions, and it will be important decision, so try and relax and wait for the right time, keep youslf stress free, and you will be mentally prepared to face the time ahead, your decisions will be important and will determine the direction of your life, so just be strong and when the time comes,take your decision intelligently.
this guy is just trying his luck and the problems are still there so get rid of him, you alone can get a closure here, be strict with yourself and clear with him,that you have moved on and are not interested. this is all i can say,rest is in your hands to take the right decision for yourself.only when you are out of this you will attract a better partner in your life .Erik.”