“When your heart is happy and at peace..”

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Manisha’s e-mail: I was a working professional but i chose to shift my focus to my child since my husband was busy with his work.
Gradually his business expanded and he travelled often. In order to help him, I started looking into trivial business matters. But not having the aptitude nor interest, I ended up making mistakes and feeling frustrated.
My aim in this life is to help him out and look after him and his family; however, my disinterest in his business creates problems.
Please help.

ERIK’S REPLY: Manisha, have patience. You are right, its your duty to look after his family. But you won’t be able to help him if you are not happy with yourself. Yes, the family is your responsibility but the business is his. You should help him there if you are happy doing it, else not. Do what makes you happy not what makes him happy. When your heart is happy and at peace, only then will you be able to do things correctly. Let someone else help him.
Don’t worry.
Soon, something will work out for you.