“which stage of heaven I am in? how many more births do i have to take…?”

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Aseem’s email to me : ” Dear Renuka, this is what i want to ask Erik:

1. I want to know which heaven I am in (numerically) as far as Christianity and Hinduism go.

2. I need yours as well as my spirit guide’s advice and protection as far as dealing with my current life situation is concerned.

3. How many more births do I have.

4. Do I have any major sin yet to wash which is creating an obstacle, in my destiny.


Erik’s reply : “Aseem, I can’t reveal the numerical stage but I can sure tell you, you are at a place where you have to work hard for your lessons now that you are here, it’s very important you face this life positively. Your major life lesson is giving your best and trying to be detached with the results, if you conquer this quality, you will surely advance to the next stage spiritually, as far as advice, your guides are helping with your current situation. You will see hope soon, it’s just a matter of time, remember your judgement can be clouded when it comes to person you love and you should be very objective in taking any decisions about it.

You have more births yes but it can’t be revealed, sins cannot be washed they have to be paid for, and if you do it sincerely and and don’t repeat them again, you all be out of it.”