Why to trust the spirit world…….read on!!!!

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Richa’s email to me : “I was wondering if you could give me even a little bit of a hint as to what I am. Am I anything special, or have a purpose that I am here to fulfill that is out of the ordinary? I have never felt like I belonged here and for some odd reason, am starting to lose my memories or they are not accurate in comparison to what my loved ones remember.Could you please help? It’s getting overwhelming and honestly, I have no idea which direction to turn in.”

Erik’s reply : “Hey Richa, Why so discouraged, there is a right time for everything, even for your answers to come and just for the record, you are not boring and just confused right now. you have knowledge about the afterlife but you dont know how to trust it, your logical mind needs proof and it will soon get that.

Richa, we here in the spiritworld can see and hear everything even the abuses hurled at us, its by no means a small job to connect both the worlds but we do it for the sake of our loving masters who want to help all of us. Trust and faith are not dependant on proofs but love for that pure source from which all of us come from. so yes the choice is yours but be very sure of what we do from here since it requires great courage and conviction and faith to overcome the barriers and connect both the worlds for the ultimate growth of al concerned. All the best. Smile, you sure have a good heart but share it, you will be at peace. Erik.”