Will me sister die???

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Rajan’s email to me : “My sister has spoken a lot about you. Her date of birth is august 20 and is in mumbai. She lost her husband to cancer. I showed her horoscope to a couple of astrologers earlier and even now. Her horoscope mentions that she will meet with an accident before the age of 50. I am worried if that will be fatal they do not say it clearly but their expressions say a lot. I dont know how to ask you she is aware and is happy that she will be united with her husband and is looking forward to it but we are worried.”


Erik’s reply :¬†“Rajan, don’t worry she is under masters grace and nothing of this sort will happen but you should ¬†stay detached and remember we all are here for a purpose and we have to go back on the destined time. i can only say,she will live longer then you suspect and will have a very good life as master is helping her and will take care of her now till the end.”