Will my baby come back to me???

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Ellie’s email to me:

“I just miscarried.I am very sad and i feel very regretful that i did not eat healthily for my baby during the 8 weeks of pregnancy. I indulged in my cravings.
Now I wake up my senses and decided to live a healthy life from now on. People had been telling me that it is not my fault and that i am still young to have more babies in future (i am 31 years old)However, no matter how many babies i am going to have in future, it is never going to be the same baby that i had lost now. I feel that i let my baby down. Will my baby come back to me as my future kid? is there really such a chance? I am going to try to conceive 3 months later. Will he come back as my future kid?”

Erik’s reply :

“it was your lesson, and no this same baby ¬†will not be coming back to you. its contract with you is over and it was not completely your fault although you could have been more careful with your responsibility of having a baby, you can have a baby yes but it wont be that same one, move on and pray for the baby s soul to forgive you and it has a better passage to this world next time around, thats the best you can do now and try and learn from this and in future make sure you are more responsible for the next time around.”