“Will we all ever stay together?”

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Question: I am about to get divorced this year. I have always yearned for a true life partner in life, but haven’t got it. Will I ever get married to the woman of my choice in future?
My ex-wife blamed me as being unfit. I think I am all fine, do I really have any problem?
I love my family and I try my best to keep them happy. I hope my parents have a long life and we all live together. In the recent past, my divorce and my sister’s marriage has got my parents really worried. Will we all ever stay together as a happy family?


ERIK’S MESSAGE: Yes. Wait for three years before taking a decision regarding the second marriage.
Yes. No issues.
Yes. Talk to them. They will be at peace. Explain yourself and promise you will do your best to get settled down and help your sister get settled too.
They will be ok.