Worried about brother’s future!!!

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Kiran’s email to me : “would like to know my brother’s future as he does not study much and is quite temperamental. What kind of career should he be looking at to do well in life? And what should I do to make him feel loved and have peace of mind? He remains positive when I am with him but unfortunately its not always possible for us to be together all the time.”

Erik’s reply : “Hi Kiran, Your brother is just going through phase. It will be over and his moods will change for good. So relax and dont worry too much about him. Its too early to decide a vocation for him, just let him follow his heart when he grows up, and he will do well in life. Kiran, he has lost his mother and feels lonely. He  sees his mother and thats why is positive, when you are around, try to be in touch with him even if you are not around. Assure him, he is not alone and you are always with him. The guy is emotional and needs support and company. Try to get him involved in some activities which really interest him, dont force him to study if he does not want to. Keep him occupied with anything which he likes doing, he will surely improve.”