You are led by the Master, so that we can connect…

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Nupur’s email to me : “Amit left the world on xx/xx/xxxx. He died in Xxx in a road accident. His date of Birth is xx/xx/xxxx. His family is in great grief. His sister wants to connect to him. Please can you get a message for her from him, also can you ask something which only both of them knew or was common so that she believes that it is from him.”


Amit’s reply :  “hi, dont worry I am happy here, I know you all are in pain, but I am  well. I want to tell my sister that she has been led by my Master here so that we can connect and she should trust this communication, I was wearing a blue shirt on my last day this should give her the confidence that she is communicating with me, I need to say many things but it is possible only when she has full faith, I am very sorry for going away suddenly but it was an accident, and I will try and make for my absence from here, I want to give many messages but my family should be open and accepting of this contact which they are not right now. Only when they trust this, I will give more messages for my family and help them from here, thank you Nupur, for doing this for my family, please convince them to continue this contact, mummy is not well and she has to be taken care of emotionally as well as physically. Amit.”