You have to help yourself!!!

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Richa’s email to me : “I had completed my B.E. in mechanical this year and i forgot to fill up the form for M.E. so i want to know abt that, whether will get the admission for M.E. or not. and if i will get, then wher will i get the admission. further more i was trying to reduce my weight since long back, but probably i was not getting the results, so plss plsss help me in that as i have high BP and doctor had told me to reduce it..but i was trying and not getting the desired results….so plsss help as i have great tension regarding these matters plsss help me…”

Erik’s reply : “Richa, we have always responded, you failed to keep your promise, we can’t help you, you have to help yourself to regain your health by reducing weight, there is no magic formula, you have to work on it with determination. its your will and sense of direction which will help you do this, you dont take our advice seriously and of many others and you expect to be helped, remember you have to help yourself. you have to give it your best and try and get your shape back.
your career is your own doing again, you have been careless, i don’t see you getting admissions but if you pray to the Master and keep trying for it, you might just get it, all i can say is it is on your hands and all depends how much efforts you put towards it yourself. all the best.”