“You may be able to hear her, if you sit in silence.”

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I would like to ask Erik about my sister Anne. I think about her often and feel that I have a big gap in my life even though I don’t have any memory of her.  I would like to know if she or my spirit guides have any messages for me.
Also, I often find it so hard to engage and wonder if they could tell me anything about this.  I have been on a bit of a spiritual journey recently and do wonder if I’m on the right path.  I am also considering going back to college but am unsure whether now is the right time. Please advise.

Dear Agathe,
Yes, your sister loves you deeply. She is trying to connect but you are not so open which makes you feel there is a gap. Also your guides know this and are already trying to guide you.

Agathe, you can go to college and get some more quaifications. Remember, there is always a good time when your heart asks you to do something. You have to be very clear of your objectives of going back to college before doing so. Don’t rush, but listen to your heart not your head.  Keep yourself open to your guides. Meditate, call out to them to guide you to your destiny.

Try and respect your own wishes.
Don’t give in to the expectation of others. Your sister would love to communicate but this is not the right time. You may be able to hear her, if you sit in silence and meditate. Try and be more concerned about your own wishes first and then others. You will do good.
Love, Karl