“Your contract is going good but very slow.”

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Question: Thank you so much for getting in touch with my brother!
Would it be possible for you to channel Erik so that he can help me understand some things going on in my life? In the last message, my brother mentioned that I need to be very discreet about future plans and not get into unnecessary trouble. Are any of these things related to upcoming events in my career or personal life? In the past, I have struggled with some areas of my life, and I really want to get things right.
Am I on the right path with regards to my contract/things I am supposed to accomplish here?
Any help you can give would be so very appreciated!


ERIK’S MESSAGE: The plans I am talking about here are personal. Your struggles are relationships and family. So make sure you are discreet in all these areas. Don’t share your heart with anyone around. No one is worth trusting around you.

Also, your contract is going good but very slow because of some pending lessons. You are still resisting and not learning to say no. Also, you are very vulnerable and weak. Try and be strong and be confident of your own decisions and don’t depend on others. Rest is fine. Keep in mind one more thing. You have to live this life as per your own rules and be very sure of what you need in order to get there.