Your loved ones manipulate energy to give you signs…

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Nikhil’s email to me(for his departed son) : “Gagan, How are u, You know on 15th August, we used your dor(thread) & patang(kite), to celebrate the festival, xxx, xxx,  xxx and family were here, but we all misss uuuuuuuu a lot, You tell me what are you doing there? Are u studying there, if yes what type of studies, hey its u who is switching off the bedroom’s AC? Both your sisters are fine, Your mom & I also miss uuuuuuuuuuu unexplainable. Your password is in new diary or old one? take care bags & tons of love to you my dear most son. Papa”


Gagan’s Reply : “Papa, it’s me playing with the electronics, You will see more mischief now, yes I am learning to manipulate energy to give you signs to help you recognise me. Password is in the old diary papa, search for it, you will have. Tell Mom, I miss her too and I am always with her. Rest all is fine, I am glad you all love me so much and I promise I will always be by your side until we meet again here in this world. Gagan”